Thursday, April 05, 2007

Bitch Kitty Racing - My latest project

Bitch Kitty Racing is an online "lifestyle and entertainment" magazine. For the last month or two, I have been assisting in the ongoing maintenance and promotion of the site.

John Moroney invited me to join himself and his co-founder, Keith Bingman in their quest for world domination. Besides being involved in a cool project and building a loyal readership, I've been busy learning some technologies that I haven't gotten my hands dirty with previously, such as RSS(news) feeds, podcast creation, and distribution, and testing.

The site, itself, is powered by a light-weight, highly flexible Ruby on Rails content management system called Radiant. Now, while I don't consider myself a developer, by any stretch of the imagination; I see this as a good opportunity to collaborate on a cool project, and try to get up to date on some cutting edge web applications.
I'm hoping , as time goes on, to also pick up a bit of the ruby programming basics.

Keith is the driving force behind the site design and functionality. He is also actively involved in the developer community behind the Radiant application. At this moment, he is creating extensions to help us manage the images and comments coming soon to Bitch Kitty Racing. The first is especially relevant since Keith is also a pretty good photographer. You should take a look at his work, here:

John is the ringleader of the site and primary author of most of the content. He is also the star of the Bitch Kitty Racing TV podcasts. It's pretty funny, bizarre, and probably not safe for children, small woodland creatures, or work. We even made it onto ITunes with the series. Fun stuff.

Let's see...What else can I pimp while I am at it? I hadn't really intended to make this a Bitch Kitty Racing promotional weblog post; but....

Ah yes, we are also trying our hand at some band promotion with a local Seattle band, Hey Marseilles. Rumor has it that the big labels are looking at them, so we are enjoying promoting them while we can.
All in all, Bitch Kitty Racing has been keeping me very busy learning new skills.